Smart Door Lock-智能安防系列_智能开关,智能照明,zigbee必发官网登入手机版-FEIBIT
Smart Door Lock (NDOR111B-T1)

Multiple Authentication, Support Authentication Code, Anti-riot Cracking, Full-range Security Protection
Multiple anti-theft and anti-destructive means, anti-theft alarm device, interlocking alarm in case of violence
Alibaba Cloud Platform Services, Financial Security
Open API interface to facilitate user system integration and support cross-platform development

ZigBee wireless communication technology
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Anti-riot cracking
Multiple Verification
Remote unlocking

Product Model


Panel Material


Suitable for door thickness


Standard key

Three double-row Beaded white copper keys

code capacity

1 Administrator Password +  9 User Password

Fingerprint capacity


Communication protocol

Zigbee HA

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